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 My Gift to You: 5 Simple Ways to Love Yourself 

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A young wife's journey into the forbidden world of cuckolding, and finding love in the last place she expected.

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About the Book

In the grip of her husband’s illicit fantasies,

a young woman fights to find her voice.


Lorrine is a good wife. She’s devoted to her kids, works tirelessly, and after two failed marriages, is determined to make this one work. 


But at what cost?


Her husband, Leon, is part of a once hidden practice now sweeping America: Cuckolds are voyeurs who watch their wives make love to strangers. He calls it sexual liberation, but as Lorrine slips on her new pink patent stilettos and stands before the hotel mirror, she barely recognizes the hollow-eyed woman staring back at her.


Caught between her husband’s controlling behavior and a legacy of adolescent abuse, Lorrine stands on a dangerous precipice. She’s survived so much: suicidal depression, becoming a teen mom, and single parenthood. Now she must either destroy the family she’s created, or risk sinking into a void she might never emerge from. But the greatest challenge will be finding the courage to do the unthinkable, and truly love herself. 


Freeing Your Heart for Love is a raw, unflinching, memoir about one woman’s journey from abuse to actualization, and the art of finding lasting love and happiness. It’s a testament to the power of positive thinking, spirituality, and the healing. 

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About the Book

“Every woman that finally figured out her worth,

has picked up her suitcases of pride and boarded a flight

to freedom, which landed in the valley of change.”

- Shannon L. Alder

About the Author

Lorrine Patterson was born in Guam but never got to experience that version of island life. Her family moved to Oahu, Hawaii when she was only a few months old and they stayed there until Lorrine turned 12. After watching her parents divorce, she moved to California with her mother. These experiences during her formative years helped create a lasting sense of wonder combined with curiosity for the world around her. 

Lorrine earned her BS in Business Management and an MBA from the University of Phoenix. She has worked in the hotel industry, property management, and facilities management and specializes in customer service. Passionate about all she does, Lorrine stewed over the idea of writing a book for the better part of a decade. It wasn’t until the realities of pandemic life in 2020 took hold that she decided it was finally time to put pen to paper. Through the suffering and troubling times Lorrine finally discovered her true passion and purpose in life, bringing some goodness to a world in need. 

Her first book, Freeing Your Heart For Love is a memoir. Lorrine is a simple woman who believes everything happens for a reason and, even if we aren’t meant to understand why, we are all guided to the right place at the right time. Armed with this theory, she approaches each new day with a contagious enthusiasm. 

About the Author

About the Author

When she is not nestled into her favorite couch writing, Lorrine enjoys spending quality time with her family. She met the love of her life in 2017 and has never been happier. She loves quiet days at the beach and listening to her three grandchildren splash and play with the innocence only youth provides. 

"When you meet the other half of your soul you'll understand why it didn't work out with anyone else."


- UnKnown

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My main reason for writing this book is to inspire and encourage people by sharing my story of overcoming some of life's greatest challenges but I also want to donate to a few organizations that I support and am passionate about.  Not only will your order support me and my journey but a percentage of all book sales will be donated to these non-profit organizations listed below.  Thank you for your continued support and love!!  


American Foundation For Suicide Prevention


Solutions For Change


Hay Foundation


Operation Underground Railroad

One Woman 


"Freeing Your Heart For Love"

"Freeing your heart for love is a compelling raw story that exudes the importance of self-love and the true meaning of self-worth and learning the power of your voice. A young girl rising above her unfortunate life circumstances learns her value and is now giving back to inspire others to learn their own self-worth to rise into their full potential."


- Tiffani S. Patlan, MPM, MBA, Author of "Unlocking your Ability to Heal"

"As with traumatic and abusive childhoods, which so often beget adult relationship abuse, Lorrine sought to find love through the men in her life. Her fear of loneliness kept drawing her to the familiar feeling of abuse so embodied from her childhood, therefore her attraction to abusive men. She navigated depression, suicidal thoughts, and codependence as she searched for external love."


This is an inspirational story of a women who didn’t give up her dream, a determination to find true happiness, Lorrine first had to find self love and a deeper connection to her inner guidance, that helped her to heal her heart for true love.


- Joh Fisher, Registered Holistic Counsellor and Shamanic Practitioner

Author of ‘Trust Your Inner Power’ to be released 2021

"Freeing Your Heart For Love is a raw, unfiltered story of a young woman's heartache, betrayal and self sabotage that ultimately leads Lorrine on a path of discovering her one true love."

- Suzanne Rosengrant


 My Gift to You: 5 Simple Ways to Love Yourself 

Join our mailing list to receive this mini-ebook of loving yourself tips and future ideas for building a loving life.

Thanks for submitting!

"If we look at the world
with a love of life,
the world will reveal
it's beauty to us."

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